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Bespoke Business Consulting works with clients in all stages of the business cycle and across all industries to meet their businesses objectives. The objective may be improving profitability, improving efficiencies, selling off business lines, exploring merger and acquisition opportunities or turning around a distressed business. Our professionals bring the highest technical skills to the table, in addition they offer real world experience gained through over years in meeting the consulting needs of clients. Some of the primary consulting services provided include:

· Profit Enhancement

· Sarbanes Oxley

· Mergers & acquisitions

· Cost segregations

· Business valuations

· Owner Exit Strategies

· Succession Planning

· Employee stock ownership plans


For over the years, the professionals in Bespoke business consulting in charge of banking sector have under studied the financial services industry. We have witnessed the changes that have occurred – from mergers and acquisitions to regulatory controls. Now, with the rapid changes occurring in technology and the advent of online services, new challenges are on the horizon. We believe it is our role to assist our clients in making important decisions about managing their growth and establishing a competitive foothold. Based on experience, our team of professionals adopts a practical approach to audit, compliance, and business consulting services. We links the technical skills of these functions with the practicality and experience of business professionals. For example, when conducting an internal audit, many aspects of your internal operations are reviewed and these are often key areas for improving operational efficiencies. We believe that by providing proactive solutions we can provide a value-added relationship for our clients. Bespoke business consulting provides a range of business and regulatory consulting services which includes among others:

· Process design and implementation

· Operational performance and efficiency reviews

· Strategic planning

· Mergers and acquisitions

· Loan portfolio analysis (monthly, quarterly or periodic) including analysis of past due status and adequacy of allowance for loans losses

· Consult with management on executive and employee compensation programs

· Analyze the impact of employee stock options on bank financial statements

· Advice regarding lending services

· Pre-loan financial analysis and due diligence

· Loan reviews


Internal controls are designed to prevent and detect errors or fraudulent activities, safeguard assets, ensure financial information is accurate and reliable, and assist in the achievement of business objectives. Bespoke Business Consulting provides internal control services to all types and sizes of businesses, to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s internal controls. Many internal control engagements are focused on assisting management in documenting or implementing new systems or procedures and making improvements in internal accounting controls. With the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley and the related guidance, additional focus has been placed on the design and effectiveness of internal controls in all companies. Management and the Board of Directors are much more cognizant of the need for an effective system of internal control.

INTERNAL CONTROL SERVICES:- Internal Control Design and Review – Bespoke Business Consulting can assist your company in analyzing, documenting, designing or reviewing internal controls for any or all of your accounting functions. It is important for companies to analyze their business needs and select internal controls that will limit the potential for fraud. This can be particularly beneficial in the event of a new system implementation, a reorganization or restructuring of your accounting functions or the need to review your internal control design to develop efficiencies for cost cutting or staff reduction needs.

· Financial Control checks

· Security Checks

· Risk Management Assessment

· Quality Controls

· Inspection

· Compliance Checks

· Protection

· Investments

· Funds

INTERNAL AUDIT – The demands on the internal auditor are changing as companies strive to enhance governance, manage their risk more effectively, and create a sustainable Sarbanes-Oxley compliance process. The current environment presents a unique set of challenges, as well as an exciting opportunity to make a contribution and add value to the organization. Many companies have elected to outsource their internal audit function, as a cost efficient alternative to internal staffing. Bespoke Business Consulting provides internal audit services by a team of experienced professionals with direct knowledge of internal audit and industry experience.

· Internal Audit is a function performed at specific times independently to assess

· If the client company has a good understanding of the risk that it faces.

· Composition and presentation of Financial Statements

· If the controls put in place to mitigate risks are effective



Why Involve Us As Your Tax Consultants

  • Experience in relating with Revenue Officials
  • Knowledge and Expertise in accounting and Tax-related issues
  • Analytical Skills
  • Ability to spot potential issues promptly
  • Awareness of changes and amendments to tax laws
  • Capacity for objectives analysis
  • To leverage on the relationship with tax authorities

We advise on the following:

1. Corporate Taxes

2. Personal Taxes

3. Filing of Appropriate Tax Returns

4. Other Tax Advisory Services


Forensic accounting is the application of professional accounting methodology and techniques, auditing and investigative skills as well as principles to legal issues. It is frequently associated with white-collar crime, fraud, embezzlement, corruption and general abuse of financial resources. A forensic accountant is the most ideal person to carry out investigations in a financial set up.

The “corporate failures in many countries in recent times,” has led to the growing public awareness of the need for accounting and finance professionals that can detect corporate unethical behaviours. Now the need for investigative services within the accounting departments of such big companies needs to be dealt with. However, the regular person with a CA, CPA, ACCA or ACA will not have the skills that are required to investigate management. There has been such mismanagement, fraud, and unethical behavior within these companies that the need for accounting “watchdogs” has become a big issue.

It is now necessary to analyze the underlying characteristics of corporate activities identifying corporate governance issues. A person must obtain the forensic accounting certification and body of knowledge in order to have the experience and knowledge to deal with such important issues.

Because of the widespread growth in white-collar crime, including both fraudulent financial reporting and misappropriation of asset schemes, and corruption also have important implications for forensic accountants.

Terrorist groups often rely on money laundering schemes to finance and disguise their activities. The increased use of computer technology in society, in general, and as a tool for conducting criminal activities, present new challenges to the forensic accountant, including fraud investigation. Now, because of such dealings in corporations, it is necessary to investigate underlying characteristics of corporate activities and make sure those who run such corporations keep up their dealings on the ethical sides of the line. In order to investigate corporate activities properly, one must have a forensic accounting and or fraud examination certification. It must, however, be noted that forensic accounting skills are advanced accounting skills which enables the holder to work as an ordinary accountant as well a financial detective. A chief Accountant, for instance, who is trained in forensic accounting, is twice better than the one with the ordinary accounting skills only. The forensic chief accountant can not only detect fraud and prevent it but can also carry out preliminary investigations before independent investigators are call in. How can a person who is not an accountant investigate an accountant? Organizations serious enough in the fight against fraud or corruption must have at least one or two forensic accountants in their internal audit and/ or finance departments.

Accountants look at the numbers. Forensic accountants look behind the numbers. If you want to know why your numbers don’t match, you need a Certified Forensic Accountant (FCA) from Bespoke business consulting

FRAUD INVESTIGATION:- Industry surveys in recent years have shown that as many as 75% of all companies in Nigeria and other countries have experienced some type of fraud. The majority of frauds carried out in small businesses occur because of poor internal controls. If your company or management suspects or identifies instances of fraud, the professionals at Bespoke Business Consulting can play an important role in your fraud investigation by providing forensic fraud services.

Internal control is the means by which you marshal your organization’s resources to achieve your business objectives. Does your system of internal control help you to exploit your opportunities as well as manage your business risks? Is it able to detect material errors in sufficient time for you to take appropriate action? Can you quantify the effectiveness of your controls? Do you just have enough controls – not too many and not too few? If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, or you do not know then … Your response – call Bespoke Business Consulting to provide a customized solutions for your business

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